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Roxie is an artist who is the Gym Leader of Virbank City’s Gym, referred to authoritatively as the Virbank Gym. She has practical experience in Poison-type Pokémon. She gives the Toxic Badge to Trainers who rout her. Roxy are a couple of Interviewers from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. They can be combat at the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City, on Thursdays in Diamond and Pearl. In Platinum they can be fought in various Pokémon Centers day by day. In particular:


Roxie is a medium stature, thin young lady with dazzling blue eyes, fair skin and since quite a while ago layered white hair tied in a high, spiky pig tail with a purple and blue cherry bobble. Roxie wears a free sky blue dress with maroon purple stripes over a dark vest top and long dark boots with blue-green stages. Roxie is frequently seen with her representative dark bass with purple stripes.


Punkish and insubordinate, Roxie befits the generalization of a common Rocker. She is an energetic artist, who makes the most of her band much.Interestingly, her decision of Pokémon type suites different genuine stone melodies and subjects for instance “Toxin” sung by acclaimed artist, Alice Cooper.

She is demonstrated to be somewhat decided and difficult, as she was resolute in constraining her dad to manage his work as a mariner, and when she realized that he quit his mariner task to wander into Pokéstar Studios, she irately proclaimed “imbecile” for multiple times. Notwithstanding, she actually focuses on her dad, as she support him subsequent to realizing that he was derided by the crowd for his film.

In the games

Roxie shows up in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 as a Gym Leader. She is a performer who plays the bass. Her Gym is a music club. Mentors who rout Roxie will get the Toxic Badge, alongside TM09 (Venoshock).

Before the Gym fight, Roxie is seen in Virbank City outside of the Pokémon Center, contending with her dad about him turning into a celebrity. He protects his desires by remarking that Roxie adjusts her obligations as the Virbank Gym Leader, and as an individual from her musical gang. He leaves, and Roxie blows up and sets out toward the Gym, which the player can straightforwardly challenge.

After the Gym fight, Roxie can be seen close to the port with Hugh and a few of the Team Plasma Grunts. After the fight that follows, she gives the player HM01 (Cut) and afterward goes to the Gym.

Roxie later shows up after the player contends in the PWT interestingly, communicating an interest in contending in it (making Clay comment that expression of the opposition is spreading). Roxie does surely contend in it later, alongside most other Gym Leaders. In the mid year, she visits Cynthia in Caitlin’s manor in Undella Town.

In the anime

Roxie showed up in Rocking the Virbank Gym! Section 1 and Part 2. Like the games, she is an artist who plays the low register guitar. She fronts Unova’s top underground rock band named “Koffing and the Toxics”, with Roughneck Nicky and Guitarist Billy Jo as different individuals. She is additionally an amazing Gym Leader, crushing every individual who set out to challenge her with just three Pokémon in any event, when they tested her with six. At the point when Ash showed up at her Gym, she was excited to see his Pikachu, as she too had a Pokémon starting from Kanto, Koffing, and cheerfully acknowledged his demand.

Roxie crushed five out of six of Ash’s Pokémon, aside from Pikachu, who took out Roxie’s Garbodor. At the point when she was crushed, she joyfully praised Ash as the group supported his triumph, and she gave him his eighth and last Unova Badge, the Toxic Badge. She returned in a flashback in Curtain Up, Unova League!. She additionally showed up in the consummation credits of Genesect and the Legend Awakened.

Roxie is overflowing with certainty. She is resolved to demonstrate her solidarity against all challengers, with the Virbank Gym’s extraordinary principles allowing the challenger the chance to utilize something like six Pokémon against Roxie’s three. Her standard fight system is to harm her adversary’s Pokémon prior to managing harm with some substantial hitting assaults. She is profoundly keen and has grown counter procedures to take out her challengers with hardly a pause in between.

Roxie Hentai demonstrated herself to be an entirely fit Gym Leader, crushing five of Ash’s six Pokémon in spite of being off guard regarding her gathering. She would incidentally play out a riff on her bass during the fight, and the group would recite her name. Notwithstanding their status as adversaries, she likewise favored giving Ash a more pleasant possibility, offering Pignite a Pecha Berry to mend its harming after it crushed Scolipede when she might have essentially allowed the fight to proceed with Pignite debilitating.

In the manga

Roxie Hentai appeared in New Sword Player. In the wake of going to one of her shows, Blake requested that Roxie be an adjudicator at the Aspertia City Trainers’ School Autumn Choir Tournament, which she cheerfully acknowledged. In Choir Tournament, after Blake’s group won the opposition, Roxie had her dad take the triumphant group and their class to Castelia City to contend in the Unova Choir Tournament.

In Angry Boy, not long after showing up at their objective, Roxie experienced a harmed individual from the leader board of trustees for the Unova Choir Tournament. At the point when the man uncovered his Karrablast was taken by Team Plasma, Roxie, Blake, Whitley, and Hugh went to the Castelia Sewers to discover the guilty parties. Not long after entering the zone, everybody was assaulted by a gathering of Team Plasma Grunts. Roxie and Whitley were isolated from the others, however they figured out how to overcome the Grunts, driving them to withdraw.

In Therian Forme III, Roxie Hentai and Whitley left the sewers to meet with the others at Prime Pier. Whitley remained behind while Roxie went on to return the leader panel part’s Karrablast. Hugh showed up and uncovered to everybody that an understudy was an individual from Team Plasma, compelling Whitley to emerge from covering up and uncover herself. Discovering her conduct dubious, Roxie and the class started to speculate Whitley, however were taken care of by her Foongy’s spores.

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