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Boa Hancock is one of the most powerful and beloved characters in the popular manga and anime series One Piece. She is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the only female member of the Shichibukai, the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Hancock is a beautiful woman with long black hair and a curvaceous figure. She is known for her beauty and her strength, as she is one of the strongest characters in the series.

She is also known for her strong sense of justice and her loyalty to her crew. Hancock is a powerful fighter, capable of using her Devil Fruit powers to transform into a giant snake. She is also a skilled martial artist, able to take on multiple opponents at once. She is also a master of the Haki, a special power that allows her to sense the presence of others and control their movements. Hancock is a strong leader, and she is respected by her crew and the other Shichibukai. She is also a compassionate person, often helping those in need and protecting her crew from danger. Hancock is a fan favorite character in One Piece , and her popularity has only grown over the years. She is a powerful and beloved character, and her strength and loyalty make her an inspiring figure for fans of the series.

She is the fundamental bad guy of the Amazon Lily Curve, prior to get to know and becoming hopelessly enamored with Monkey D. Luffy in a similar bend and ultimately vowed both her affection and dependability to him after she comprehended the story behind how he punched a Divine Mythical beast and heard his statement that he just scorns the World Aristocrats, and not her who needed to endure their horrendous acts, prompting her becoming perhaps of his most sturdy partner. She turns into his partner during the remainder of the Culmination War Adventure, as well as the Re-visitation of Sabaody Bend. She additionally goes about as a partner of Luffy during the 3D2Y exceptional, the Cidre Organization filler Bend, and the film One Piece: Rush.

While she used to be utilized inside the Seven Warlords, her adoration for Monkey D. Luffy has made her chance against the World Government on various events, consequently placing her status as a Warlord in peril. It was only after the latest Levely where the Warlords were formally nullified because of the uncovered odious activities of Crocodile and Doflamingo towards different rulers, making her lose her status as a warlord too.

Hancock is viewed as the most gorgeous lady on the planet. She has a proportional figure contrasted with her strange and colossal sisters. She is extremely tall and thin with long dark hair that stretches out past her abdomen with locks of hair that outline her face down to her jawline and flaunts her high temple, dim brown (dim blue before the timeskip then different to dark after the timeskip) eyes with long, voluminous eyelashes and fair skin. She has a limited midsection and exceptionally huge bosoms, and with snake hoops.

Her clothing changes regularly. At the point when initially presented, she wore a noteworthy red Slipover pullover that showed quite a bit of her chest and a free sarong that uncovered her long, thin legs with the green image of the Kuja decorated on it, alongside a white cape brandishing epaulets all the more regularly tracked down on hentai pics the coats of high-positioning Marines, and red high heel siphons. She then, at that point, wore a qipao with a hooded shroud which she utilized it to cover Luffy until they showed up at Prompt Down and afterward took it off during the fight against Whitebeard.

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