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Mei’s climate modifying gadgets moderate rivals and secure areas. Her Endothermic Blaster releases harming icicles and ice streams, and she can Cryo-Freeze herself to make preparations for counterattacks, or hinder the rival group’s developments with an Ice Wall.



Mei is a solid warrior who dominates in 1-on-1 battles. Her freezing impact from Endothermic Blaster will let her success over most legends. Icicle bargains hefty harm when utilized accurately, conveying her an intimidation at both short and long ranges. Ice Wall can be utilized to trap or occupy the foe, as it can totally impede the adversary’s vision, or split a portion of the foes from the others. Mei’s Cryo-Freeze makes thick ice around herself, reestablishing her wellbeing and delivering her resistant, permitting her to play like a semi-tank. Snowstorm is a solid Ultimate, ready to switch things around of fight when utilized accurately. Not being a genuine tank, Mei can in any case be outdamaged and slaughtered without any problem. Her essential fire bargains little harm and needs to land a few hits to completely freeze the objective. Because of lacking crude executing force and versatility devices, playing Mei well is testing.

Weapons and Abilities

Endothermic Blaster: Mei’s Hentai essential weapon. The essential fire, when held down, dispatches a shaft that will bargain persistent harm on the adversary. Influenced targets will steadily move more slow, ultimately being totally frozen for 1.5 seconds subsequent to making 30 efforts. The auxiliary fire will dispatch an icicle-shot on a direct direction, devouring more ammunition than essential shoot yet managing weighty harm. Icicle has a short cast time, during which Mei’s development speed is eased back.


Mei’s Hentai own protective capacity. She will make a thick ice covering around herself which makes her resistant, however stable for 4 seconds. She will disregard most debuffs and recuperate wellbeing while the expertise is dynamic (150 aggregate if the full span is utilized), and the ice will vanish after the finish of the length. Mei can physically drop this capacity early.

General procedures

Mei is an incredible contender in 1-on-1 match-ups. Her Endothermic Blaster can freeze the adversary and finish it with an Icicle shot. She can hinder the adversary’s endeavor to escape by setting Ice Wall to obstruct the departure course. Notwithstanding, she has low killing force against gatherings of adversaries, since her Icicle makes some cast memories. When battling in gatherings, exploit the penetrating freeze impact to debilitate whatever number adversaries as would be prudent.


You ought to fundamentally utilize Mei’s Cryo-Freeze to lure foe capacities, for example, Mccree’s flashbang, Ana’s rest dart or biotic projectile or Roadhog’s snare. This gives Mei the upper benefit in 1v1 battles, as numerous saints are dependent on their capacities to safeguard themselves from Mei, generally giving Mei a simple murder. You should possibly utilize Cryo-Freeze to recuperate yourself when totally fundamental.



Bright, inventive, and hopeful, even despite overpowering chances, Mei is a widely acclaimed climatologist who has assumed control over the battle to save the climate. She spends significant time in the investigation of strange environment marvels and their impacts on various biological systems around the globe. She unequivocally has confidence in protecting the world for people in the future, and is resolved to battle for a superior future. While initially a researcher, Winston’s review request has motivated her to chivalry.


Despite the fact that many accused the planet’s raising, unexplained environment marvels on the appearance of new advancements, the quickly developing omnic populace, and definitely expanded utilization of assets, the genuine reason stayed obscure. To discover an answer, Overwatch set up a progression of eco-Watchpoints at far off, basic areas around the world.

Mei was an individual from this multi-year activity. An excellent climatologist, she was allocated to the program’s checking station at Watchpoint: Antarctica. A climatic peculiarity above Antarctica was the premise of the base’s examination, yet at that point, calamity struck: an abrupt, calamitous polar tempest battered the establishment and cut it off from the rest of the world, leaving the office harmed and the researchers abandoned. As their provisions dwindled, they entered cryostasis in a final desperate attempt to get by until a salvage endeavor could be made. Prior to entering cryo, Mei made a chronicle, expecting awakening and finding an abundance of information to inspect (as she left the sensors on).

New Journeys


Sooner or later after this, Mei connected with Winston. He recommended she begin composing a diary, disclosing to her that individuals would track down her “special” point of view fascinating. She made her first diary section and made it accessible to people in general while in the Yukon close to Mount Logan, while testing her new stuff. She presumed that it was ready to rock ‘n roll (a stage up from a couple of days prior, when she’d inadvertently frozen her arm), and started contemplating the nearby natural life. After six days, she chose to make a beeline for Asia, to explore the neglected Overwatch stations there. Prior to doing as such, she enjoyed a reprieve by flying into Los Angeles to see Six-Gun Killer. Two days from that point onward, she was in Asia, researching a mountain environment.

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