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Mercy’s Valkyrie Suit helps keep her near colleagues like a divine messenger; recuperating, restoring or fortifying them with the shafts exuding from her Ability Caduceus Staff.



Mercy is the most recuperating focused for the Support saints. While not as amazing a group healer as other Support saints, (for example, Ana and Baptiste), Mercy dominates at single-target or “pocket” support. Her capacity to help the harm of her group makes her significant for hindrance breaking and centered harm. Capacity mercy5.png Resurrect permits Mercy to make up for a periodic misstep by her group, bringing a significant part once more into the battle. Leniency is effectively the most group ward of the Support, as her own harm is very feeble, her solitary versatility depends on her colleagues, and the incredible impact of Ability-mercy5.png Resurrect focuses on her for the foe group.


A heavenly messenger to the individuals who go under her consideration, Dr. Angela Ziegler is an unequaled healer, a splendid researcher, and an ardent promoter for harmony. She is perhaps the most talented specialists on the planet with regards to clinical innovation, and has applied such innovation to her own body impacts have potentially included easing back/ending her maturing interaction. She prefers Swiss chocolate and appreciates tea, which she at times takes with a touch of cognac after a dangerous experience. She isn’t acceptable at making espresso notwithstanding—Genji was the solitary Mercy from Overwatch part who could tolerate drinking it.


As a kid, Ziegler grew up during the Omnic Crisis. The most recent day she saw her folks alive were the point at which they went out to chip in at the neighborhood emergency clinic as they normally did, as Switzerland managed the results of the conflict. The two of them were executed in an airstrike. Hanging tight for them to return home, she took in reality when a cop went to her home, conveying the news. Individuals guaranteed her that the torment would diminish over the long run. In truth, the passionate torment would return at the smallest update. In spite of this misfortune, Ziegler was burned-through not by a hunger for vengeance, but rather by a longing to help the jeopardized and promoter for harmony.



Ziegler at last left Overwatch due to being clashed with the association’s battle ready strategies. A short time later, Ziegler devoted herself to aiding those influenced by war. Despite the fact that she invested a large portion of her energy really focusing on the wrecked and seized in emergency regions all throughout the planet, Dr. Ziegler could be relied on to wear her Valkyrie suit at whatever point blameless people were risked, wanting to make a more tranquil world. The aftermath of Overwatch’s disbandment and shame harmed her expert standing, and she passed by her genuine name as opposed to “Mercy” during this period.



Seven years before the current day, Ziegler was associated with an unsanctioned mission approved by Strike Commander Jack Morrison to end the King’s Row Uprising in London, England. Prior that very day, Ziegler contended with Morrison over Overwatch’s failure to intercede in the contention because of the English executive explicitly denying any Overwatch activity inside the United Kingdom. Dr. Ziegler communicated her anxiety for the large numbers in the city who required clinical guide, and bemoaned how Overwatch was made to help individuals, not remain uninvolved.

Tempest Rising


Six years before the current day, Ziegler participated in an activity in Havana close by Winston, Tracer, and Genji. Under the order of Captain Sojourn, their main goal was to remove Maximilien, an omnic allied with Talon. The Talon powers were traveling through the city in a caravan; one which the Overwatch specialists locked in. Leniency cleared over the escort, making one of the vehicles crash. Battling their way through the city by walking, the group had the option to secure Maximilien, who proposed they could make an arrangement. Mercy said that he was in no situation to arrange and that they definitely thought about his partners.


Following the fight in Paris, the group made a trip to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, which they utilized as their headquarters. As it ended up, Paris was only the start of Null Sector’s conflict against the world, and they weren’t the solitary foe Overwatch needed to manage. In discussion with Ziegler, Winston proclaimed that they’d battle through each city in turn. She offered help for him at Route 66, where they battled their way through Null Sector’s powers.

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