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Paizuri intercourse is a sex act, proceeded as one or the other foreplay or as non-penetrative sex, that includes the incitement of a man’s penis by a lady’s bosoms and the other way around. It includes setting the penis between a lady’s bosoms and moving the penis all over to mimic sexual entrance and to make sexual joy. It could be utilized as an option to a handjob.


Paizuri intercourse includes a man bowing or sitting on a lady’s stomach or chest and setting his erect penis between her bosoms, and scouring or pushing it there, while the bosoms are pressed around the penile shaft, by either the lady or the man, making snugness like masturbation, and in recreation of penetrative sex. To make a smooth movement, a grease, masturbation cream, or spit might be spread between the bosoms or on the penis. In one variation, the lady can fix her bosoms around the penis and drop them here and there to carry the man to climax. Elective positions are for the man standing while the lady stoops, or the man laying back with the lady on top.

Sometimes, the Paizuri intercourse can be joined with oral sex by the one who, through fellatio, can carry the man to climax. Paizuri intercourse might be done vis-à-vis or head to tail.


Paizuri intercourse is generally appropriate for ladies with normally bigger bosoms, while it is suggested that lady with more modest bosoms be on top. Smaller female bosoms, notwithstanding, will in general be more delicate than bigger ones. It has been said by whom that bosom inserts are not adaptable enough to support paizuri intercourse.


The lady doesn’t get immediate sexual incitement during Paizuri intercourse, other than the sensual incitement of carrying her sexual accomplice to climax, without sexual entrance. In any case, Alex Comfort has said that Paizuri intercourse can create climax in ladies with delicate bosoms (what Margot Anand terms nearby climaxes of the bosom), and it was one of the nine substitute activities for penetrative sexual exercises, as point by point in the Paradis Charnels of 1903.


Since Paizuri intercourse is a non-penetrative Hentai Scenes act, the danger of passing a physically sent disease that requires direct contact between the mucous films and pre-discharge or semen is incredibly decreased. HIV is among the diseases that require such direct contact and is consequently probably not going to be sent by means of mammary intercourse. An investigation of the condom utilization propensities for New Zealand’s sex laborers said that they offered different safe sex options in contrast to vaginal sex to customers who would not wear a condom. One sex specialist said that mammary intercourse was one option utilized; mammary intercourse performed by a lady with enormous bosoms felt to the customer like penetrative vaginal sex.


Portrayals of the training, in any event in publicizing, have been depicted as explicit or erotic. Paizuri intercourse has some of the time been considered a perversion. Sigmund Freud, nonetheless, thought about such augmentations of sexual interest to fall inside the scope of the typical, except if set apart out by restrictiveness for example the renouncement of any remaining types of sexual contact.


At the point when proceeded as a non-penetrative sex act, the demonstration is proceeded until the man discharges. Around then, the semen ordinarily covers the Paizuri sulcus or part of the bosom. It might likewise arrive at the lady’s face, bringing about a facial. At the point when it covers the lady’s neck, it very well might be known as a “pearl jewelry”.

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