Lucy Heartfilia Anime Review with Sexiest Pictures

Lucy Heartfilia is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is an individual from Team Natsu.


Lucy has earthy colored eyes and medium length light hair that is normally tied by strips in an assortment of tones in a little pig tail to the right half of her head with the remainder of the hair free. Nonetheless, in the year X791 she seems to keep her hair up more frequently in ponytails. She is hearty and has a voluptuous body. In X792, her hair is extensively more, and she keeps everything in a side fairy tail.

Her pink Fairy Tail stamp is situated at the rear of her right hand. Moreover, Lucy Heartfilia Hentai doesn’t reliably wear a similar outfit. In any case, she generally has a belt that, alongside keeping her skirt up, holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a heart-molded end. She frequently dons dark, cowhide high obeyed boots. She additionally looks similar to her mom.


Lucy invests heavily in her appearance and is extremely positive about her sex request, frequently radiating a specific measure of vanity. Notwithstanding this shallow disposition, she is a cunning, kind, and truly caring individual. Lucy is enthusiastic for writing and is currently thinking of her own novel with regards to her undertakings with Fairy Tail despite the fact that she doesn’t care for enlightening anybody concerning it. She is an individual from the Heartfilia family, when one of the richest and most powerful aggregate families in the nation of Fiore. Be that as it may, because of her repelled relationship with her dad and the passing of her mom, Layla Heartfilia, she ventured out from home to follow her own way, which shows an aspiration for freedom.

Lucy is exceptionally kind to her Celestial Spirits and will not use them as safeguards or consider them such. She battles close by her Spirits and treats them as friends,unlike a few other Celestial Spirit Mages, who see them as simple instruments and item Lucy really focuses extraordinarily on her Spirits and will likewise make a huge effort to give them satisfaction, even at the expense of her life. Regardless of actually being a proprietor of the Spirits, she won’t be addressed thusly and on second thought likes to be called their companion. In spite of the fact that, Lucy is, as a rule, fainthearted and effectively terrified, she generally approves of battling and would cheerfully confront risk, regardless of whether she winds up getting injured, for her companions and society. While her forces are ordinarily not as overpowering as her colleagues, Lucy has demonstrated to be a fit soldier herself, regularly utilizing her shrewdness for her potential benefit, and breaking new ground during fight. She has at last acquired Natsu’s tenacity and refusal to surrender, in any event, when the chances are against her.

Lucy generally blows a gasket at her guildmate’s shenanigans. Dissimilar to the greater part of her companions, she doesn’t get exceptionally amped up for battling and rushes to depend on savagery as the arrangement. Nonetheless, she concedes that being around her guildmates is truly fun. Being a Celestial Mage, Lucy Heartfilia consistently stays faithful to her obligations. She gives her for the purpose of her society and companions.

Wizardry and Abilities

Divine Spirit Magic Lucy rehearses Celestial Spirit Magic, a sort of Spatial Magic which permits her to bring Celestial Spirits, mystical creatures dwelling in the Celestial Spirit World, utilizing the Keys of their individual Gates. When calling a Spirit, the Keys are wrapped with a delicate, brilliant light. When an agreement has been made with a Spirit, such Spirit will be accessible for Lucy to call on specific days, in which it will battle on her side and play out a few assignments for her. Her Celestial Spirits have fluctuating degrees of force, with various ones being more appropriate for specific undertakings than others, not really identified with fight.

For instance, Aquarius can control water, making amazing waves which can clear away a lot of enemies without a moment’s delay, while Taurus has gigantic actual strength, making him a significant skirmish contender, ready to flank Lucy Hentai Pics during fight and tackle rivals for her sake. In any case, Celestial Spirits are conscious creatures who have characters and attributes, and are in this manner ready to act as needs be during fight, now and again in any event, disregarding Lucy’s orders and following up on their own.

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