Naruto – Is he A Shinobi Or Just A Pretty Boy?

When you thought Naruto was just about the only wonderful anime that you would ever get to see, you were mistaken. Naruto is out there now, and he is beautiful, and he is alive, and he has super strength.


The best way to describe Naruto to a new player in the Naruto scene is that he is about the reincarnation of the protagonist from a certain manga and anime series. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, if we are going to talk about any form of originality, we have to start with the next line of Naruto analysis. That is, he is a Shinobi.

What does Shinobi means?

“Shinobi” simply means “warriors.” Which is just another way of saying, “he who fights the battles that we don’t know about or don’t care about.” So this new creation is actually a Shinobi on an even larger scale. A Shinobi who is only a boy, that is the most important fact about Naruto. He is not like most Shinobi, because there are not that many boys who want to be a warrior, because they’re too scared of death.

The only thing that sets him apart from the rest of the group is that he only fights for his own reason. No one else wants to fight. He believes that he can overcome death and find enlightenment.


The main reason for this is his sensei. So Naruto has a sensei. His sensei, who is actually the real Naruto, has put him through all the training he needs to become a real warrior. And so the evil that his sensei wields over him does not exist.

Nice touch to the show

Another nice touch in the show is that while everyone is fighting, the main reason for it is that they all have their own reasons, but Naruto’s main reason ishis. His sensei wants to protect him because she loves him, and her only idea is to ensure that Naruto is kept safe, and to help him become a true Shinobi. But she isn’t going to take any risks by letting him fight, so that’s why he has to go into hiding.


For all his success, as a Shinobi, Naruto has his very own set of mistakes that he can share with the rest of the world. The reason he was locked up in the first place was because he betrayed his sensei and made an error in judgment. As a result, his friends took him under their wing, because Naruto has a good heart, and a wish to serve.


If you are ever in the mood for a peaceful show and want something different from what’s out there, then try Naruto. You might find that Naruto is your answer.

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