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Megumin is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Demon Clan in the Fantasy World, and is the principal individual to join Kazuma’s gathering. She is one of the principle characters of the KonoSuba arrangement.


Megumin Hentai is a young lady with mid length dim earthy colored hair (smooth dark in light novel) and blood red hued eyes. She wears an old style witch clothing like a dark shroud with gold boundary, choker, wizard’s cap, fingerless gloves, and conveys a dark staff. Despite the fact that she facetiously asserts that her eyepatch seals her enormous force, she really considers it to be a jazzy feeling of design because of her chuunibyou inclinations. Megumin’s correct leg is enclosed by white swathes, in spite of the fact that she has demonstrated to have the option to eliminate the wraps and she has no noticeable indications of wounds on that leg.


She has light complexion and a light appearance. Not at all like her opponent Yunyun, who has a more evolved body, Megumin appears to have a sensitive immature figure, as Kazuma depicts her figure as a “porcelain doll.” Yuiyui likewise expressed that the entirety of their relatives have flimsy bodies, however Megumin feels that it’s since they need supplements since they barely eat strong food.


Megumin Hentai is an uproarious, tumultuous, and whimsical young lady with a style for showy behaviors. Being an individual from the Crimson Demons, she shares a large number of her kin’s attributes, for example, showing chuunibyou inclinations and having an affection for bizarre names. Megumin regularly puts on a show of being presumptuous and haughty, continually gloating about her damaging forces, yet rushes to drop her demonstration when placed in a urgent circumstance, for example, when Kazuma threatened to hit her with her eyepatch.


In spite of the fact that she fills the role of the remarkably amazing wizard, Megumin is entirely puerile and youthful. She is touchy about her age and immature body, turning out to be either discouraged or forceful when dealt with like a young lady. She keeps a to some degree negligible contention with her old schoolmate Yunyun, and never passes up on a chance to menace and hassle her, regardless of furtively considering her to be a companion.

Megumin Hentai is absolutely fixated on blast sorcery, putting every last bit of her detail expansions in her one blast spell, regardless of the spell depleting all her energy after one use and being for the most part unreasonable. She will not get familiar with some other kind of sorcery, regularly going against all rationale to secure her blast enchantment. As a result of her obstinance, no other gathering will have her in spite of Crimson Demons being known for their incredible wizards, and Kazuma just acknowledged her after she extorted him. She shows zero discretion with regards to her blasts, and will frequently totally ignore any outcomes as long as she can project one blast spell a day. The most grievous illustration of this is the point at which she kept on exploding one of the Demon King’s General’s mansions, even after he accompanied his military and explicitly compromised the whole town to stop.


Notwithstanding her deficiencies, Megumin is recognized by Kazuma as having the most well-known feeling of the gathering. She was the only one other than Kazuma who perceived the odd and devoted nature of Aqua’s strict adherents. As a Crimson Demon, she is genuinely wise and is really skilled at sorcery (however she restricts herself to just one spell). Megumin additionally shows certifiable love and devotion to her companions, and will savagely secure them if essential.


She chose to turn into an Explosion mage after an attractive more seasoned lady saved her with Explosion sorcery when she was youthful, and subsequent to learning it, claims she “should project Explosion once every day or kick the bucket.”


While as yet going to class, Megumin would cheat food from Yunyun consistently since her folks couldn’t bear the cost of dinners. Because of her remarkable scholarly presentation, Megumin had the option to graduate early. At the point when she let to travel be, Yunyun anticipated she would be “confused because of a need the methods for endurance, asking a futile person for a feast.”

In the wake of going to Axel Town, she immediately acquired a standing as an insane Explosion fan, in this way parties would not acknowledge her before she met Kazuma and Aqua.



Explosion Magic: Megumin is totally fixated on Explosion enchantment. She dedicates every last bit of her expertise focuses into improving the force of her blasts, shortening her projecting time, and having the option to project the spell without reciting so anyone can hear. The actual spell is demonstrated to be unfathomably destroying, regularly crushing anything inside its focused on range and in any event, conveying incredible stun waves that can be felt many yards away. Be that as it may, the extreme mana channel, joined with Megumin never utilizing focuses to expand her mana, brings about her continually imploding subsequent to projecting and getting totally stable. Likewise, her refusal to become familiar with some other sorcery makes her totally subject to partners subsequent to projecting. This is particularly outstanding in light of the fact that there are other known Arch Wizards who can utilize Explosion sorcery, can stay remaining subsequent to projecting, know at any rate one other expertise, and can battle alone if fundamental.


Insight: Compared to the four individuals from her gathering, Megumin’s details are the most noteworthy regarding knowledge and she is shown consistently to be shrewd when the circumstance requests it. Notwithstanding, said insight is ordinarily frustrated by her chuunibyou propensities, best appeared by her refusal to become familiar with any spells outside of Explosion regardless of the conspicuous constraints that accompany it.


High Magic Proficiency: As an individual from the Crimson Demon Clan, Megumin is normally talented as far as supernatural capacity and has been expressed to have high mana holds thus. Were it not for her craving to zero in exclusively on Explosion enchantment it’s probably she’d have the option to utilize a wide scope of cutting edge spells like large numbers of the individuals from the family.

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