Azula From Avatar The Last Airbender wiki with Pics

Azula was a princess of the Fire Nation, little girl of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa, more youthful sister of Zuko, and more established relative of Kiyi. She was a vital enemy of Team Avatar, pursuing Avatar Aang and her expelled sibling far across the Earth Kingdom joined by her then two dearest companions, Mai and Ty Lee.

A firebending wonder, Azula was manipulative and fixated on power. She was a talented planner who organized the overthrow of the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se, and stopped the intrusion on the Day of Black Sun.

Azula held onto profound psychological sicknesses, accepting her mom cherished Zuko more than her. Brought by her dad up in a climate without a mother-figure, Azula Hentai must not be anything not exactly ideal in her dad’s eyes to acquire friendship and consideration from him. After the treachery of her two dearest companions Mai and Ty Lee, these insecurities were raised to the surface. Upon the appearance of Sozin’s Comet, Azula was destined to be delegated Fire Lord nonetheless, her loss because of her sibling Zuko and Katara made her experience a total psychological episode.

Following her close to home breakdown, Azula was placed in an emotional well-being office to recuperate, however she in the end joined Team Avatar on their quest for Ursa, as a feature of her mysterious plan to double-cross them and usurp the high position from Zuko. At this mission’s finish, be that as it may, Azula got away from the group’s management.

After her exile, Azula got back to the Fire Nation Capital stealthily. Having at long last acknowledged that she could never be Fire Lord, Azula Hentai turned to controlling Zuko so she could govern through him. Gathering a gathering of female allies, she assumed the pretense of the legendary Kemurikage to scare Ukano into compromising Zuko. At the point when that fizzled, Azula and her supporters turned to abducting youngsters in the capital, setting the city into common agitation. However Zuko and his partners had the option to safeguard the kids, Azula and her supporters got away.

Princess Azula was brought into the world to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa in 85 AG and was named after her fatherly granddad, Fire Lord Azulon. Azula grew up with all the wealth, magnificence, and honors of sovereignty in the Fire Nation. Her sharp brains and the way that she was a firebending wonder acquired her incredible consideration and recognition, which immediately made her Ozai’s #1 youngster. Her dad started raising her as his actual beneficiary from a beginning phase, trusting her and teaching her in legislative issues.

Azula later went to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, where she met and got to know Mai and Ty Lee, two girls of Fire Nation aristocrats. One reason the princess picked them as companions was on the grounds that the two young ladies had abilities that she didn’t, thus she spent piece of her youth gaining these capacities from them.

In spite of the elevated strains in their family because of their dad’s partiality of Azula, union and harmony were as areas of strength for yet the youthful family during Azula Hentai Pics and Zuko’s life as a youngster; for instance, the two would frequently reenact the last duel of Love among the Dragons in the wake of watching the play during their successive excursions at Ember Island. The two kin joyfully reviewed these recollections numerous years after the fact. Nonetheless, as they became older, the kin ultimately became separated.

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