I LOVE YOUR MUSIC RECS! Ashley, for the playlist thing, pretty please & thank you :3

Send Me Your Name & I’ll Make a Playlist out of the Letters

Hey Ashley! Damn you for having an e in your name 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you though, I love sharing music so this has been a lot of fun <3

A –  ODESZA – Always This Late (Illenium Remix) (Illenium is my fav, and I just heard this for the first time last night! Older but I really like it)

S –  Borgeous, Taylr Renee – Sweeter Without You (Zack Martino Remix)

H –  The Fray – How To Save A Life (Young In Mind Remix) (I WAS FUCKING WAITING FOR AN H I LOVE THIS SONG)

L –  San Holo – Lights (Nitti Gritti Remix) (This HITS, and I’ve heard like 10 DJs use this remix in their sets live haha)

E – Illenium ft. Eden – Leaving

Y – The Chainsmokers – Young (Owen Norton Remix) (Not amazing but I needed a Y ahhh)

Let me know what you think @smashedpotatoes22 🙂

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