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Hey everyone, I know this is not a normal thing for me to post because I normally don’t like getting involved in this kind of stuff, but I just wanted to warn everyone that there is being some art being reposted by a person called “Hiisoooka” on Instagram. (PLEASE DO NOT IMMEDIATELY GO AND ATTACK THIS PERSON AND SAY CRUEL THINGS TO THEM. THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST BY ANY MEANS.)

They appear to look good because they caption things with “Do not repost unless you give credit to the artist”, but I’ve asked an artist to see if the person had gotten permission to post their art, which the person had NOT gotten permission.

There’s lots of art from lots of individual artists on tumblr that were reposted, so it would be hard to try to notify each individual artist (especially since I’m at work and I don’t really have THAT much time, much to my dismay).

If you are an artist, I would definitely go over and check to make sure your art hasn’t been reposted.

Once again, I do ask that everyone not attack this person, but if you see that the person has reposted your art, kindly ask them to remove it. Most artists are really good about that, BUT I still really want to make sure I emphasize that my purpose isn’t to start anything or get this person attacked. (I don’t have an IG, otherwise I would have said something to the person myself. The only reason why I found out was because a friend had sent me a post from the person and I recognized the artist)

Please spread this without dogging on the person and calling them horrible things. Yes, reposting without permission is wrong, but this could be a minor who doesn’t understand and hasn’t been taught it’s not okay.

Thanks everyone!

I’ve noticed this user too and it’s just really frustrating. Please circulate this around and let artists know if you recognize the work. Also, just reiterating: DO NOT REPOST ART EVER ON ANY MEDIUM. ALSO DON’T USE ART AS ICONS OR COVERS WITHOUT PERMISSION. I don’t post my own art, like, at all. But it’s disrespectful and rude.

hello, i dont know if anyone will see this but hiisoooka is my account and if you want me to remove some off your artwork please tell me, i promise to remove it. you can dm me here or on instagram 🙂

Not to be rude @hisokalm, I don’t even create content myself, but it is totally disrespectful to upload someone else’s art without their permission, regardless of how much you like the art.

If you truly want to be respectful, take everything down that you haven’t asked for permission to post, and start asking artists for their permission before you upload the art they spent time and effort making.

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